Saturday, July 8, 2017

CVS Score!

So, as I try to use July to reign some of the chaos in, I have to tell you about the sweet deal I got at CVS!

On Sunday,  I noticed we were running woefully low on laundry detergent!  I had maybe a load or possibly two left in the bottle I was using and that was it!  I *thought* I had one more bottle stashed away but I was wrong.

Rather than panic and run out to buy the first bottle I could grab, I took a moment and gave it some thought.....

I received an email recently from CVS about some extra care bucks I had earned, 9 to be exact!  So, I thought I would head over and see if there were any detergent deals.

Boy I think I lucked out!

There was a display of detergent - 51 oz bottles for...

$1.47 each!

I was a very happy girl!

Here's what I ultimately bought....

5 bottle of laundry detergent
1 box of Kleenex
1 bag of CVS wintergreen mints

All for the whopping total of $2.05!

Essentially the only thing I really paid for was the mints ($1.99 plus tax) which were bought for G1 -she has a blocked salivary gland and the dentist recommended hard candies/mints to help clear it.

Anyway, I hopefully have enough laundry detergent to get through the rest of the summer FOR FREE!

Starting with the little things here, guys!  =)

Have an awesome Saturday!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Rachel! I'm not all that great at the whole couponing thing so this seemed like a great win for me! =)

  2. Patience and smart thinking are ingredients for thrifty shopping. Well done.

    1. Thanks Sam! I am hoping that if I can *ever* get organized, I can have some forethought to maybe check my supplies before something like this happens again! I may not be as lucky next time around. LOL

  3. Another thing that really helps the blocked salivary glands is super-sour candies, whether chewy or hard.

    I have also had great success alternating hot water and ice water. Hold a mouthful of ice water for 20 or so seconds, spit it out and quickly take a mouthful of the hottest water you can manage. Hold 20 seconds, spit, and quickly take in another mouthful of ice water. Alternate as many times as you can, several times a day.
    Interestingly enough, massage of blocked gland has never helped one bit. Only the sour candies and hot/ice water treatment worked.

    1. Thanks for the useful information Sue! Thankfully G1 LOVES sour candy so I will grab some next to see if it helps. Interestingly enough, she didn't even realize she had one until the dentist looked under her tongue! So, at least it's not bothering her. But, obviously clearing it up (now that we know it's there) is pretty important. =)