Friday, July 7, 2017

Day Book for July 7th, 2017

I'm BAAACCKKK!  (Sort of)

Life is still much crazier than I anticipated this summer!

I swear I blink and the day is gone!

I have to find a way to slow that $h!t down!  Haha!

Anyway, let's get back into blogging with a day book post, shall we?

Outside my window....
Rain today!  (Hence the above clipart! LOL)  I'm hoping that the rain will help calm the frantic pace we have been living and we get some downtime at home....Well, not me because I have to try to put back together this disaster of a house but that will be a LOT easier if I'm not ferrying kiddos around!  =)

What I am hearing....
The rain hitting the house, the dog snoring on the couch, G1 upstairs in her room cleaning up, and G2 in the upstairs bathroom playing music while getting ready.

What I am wearing...
Black shorts, Papa's Lafitte's Blacksmith T-shirt we got from New Orleans over 19 years ago, and socks.

What I am feeling...
Exhausted!  I'm optimistic that it's "just a cold" or the illness Papa has been dealing with for the last week or  two.  But...truthfully, I wonder if it's not an MS flare up.  I haven't had one for awhile so maybe I'm overdue?

What I am reading....
I just finished a YA novel titled "How To Hang A Witch".  The book was written by a direct descendant of Cotton Mather - which was interesting.  The book was definitely directed towards teens since the setting is mostly modern high school and tried to draw a parallel between present bullying and past witch trials - with some ghostly elements thrown in for good measure.  I would probably give it a three out of five stars.
Yesterday I went to the library and grabbed a few more things - three magazines, one fiction book, and four non fiction books.  Also on the reading radar is the book from the library Papa is currently reading that he claims I have to read right when he finishes it!  He loves it and I'll be sure to tell you guys what I think of it when I read it too. (I can't recall the title at the moment and am feeling too lazy to go upstairs and grab it.  LOL)

From the kitchen....
Nothing at the moment but the remnants of last night's dinner.  There is a flank steak defrosting which will transform into tonight's dinner.  (Ramsey's coming here for the weekend and I am really hoping I can blackmail encourage him to cook tonight for us.  Haha)  I *may* bake some cookies a little later if I can muster the ambition.

Guppy news....
G1 learned a valuable lesson the hard way....I had been trying to get her to apply for a summer job way back at the end of May.  But of course she didn't and was left scrambling to find something now when most summer jobs are already taken.  But, the positive thing is she also is learning how to problem solve right?  She decided to talk to one of her friends from high school (his dad runs a law firm here in town) and she was able to get a job there for the summer.  While not exactly the amount of hours she wanted, the pay is decent and the days are set - so she can still try to hustle and find another part time job too.
I think I had mentioned that G2 was going through some emotional/mental stuff.  Well things are clearing up for her!  She is getting back to her happy self - which translates into a lot of driving and entertaining kiddos here for this Mama but who cares?  As long as she is happy!  I'm very grateful we found a therapist who she connected with immediately and a lovely NP to help figure out the chemical part of the problem.

Today's To Do....
Posting this part just to organize my thoughts and stay accountable...
1.  Laundry
2.  Finish cleaning the kitchen
3.  Sweep downstairs
4.  Vac family room
5.  New grocery list after checking new flyers
6.  Clean the dining room table of my computer clutter!

If I can get the above done while feeling so crappy, I'll be a happy camper!

This Weekend's Agenda.....
Not sure yet as tomorrow's plans were scrapped.  We were going to take G2 and her BFF to Jones Beach to see Warped Tour but this year's lineup is pitiful.  And, the day would cost us upwards of $250 for tickets, parking, food and drinks.  (They GOUGE you on food and drinks and you aren't allowed to bring in much outside stuff - like one bottle of water and one snack per person!)  G2 was the one who finally pulled the plug and said she would rather not go and waste all that money!  Phew!  Smart kid!  Seriously the lineup is so bad, even G1 said she didn't want to go and she has been going for six years straight!
G2 may go to the BFF's house instead.  And Papa and I are trying to figure out something to do as well.
Sunday is still completely open too!
I guess we will see what happens right?
And, of course everything hinges on how I am feeling.  (((sigh)))

Have a great Friday everyone!  And I'm hoping to be back in the swing of blogging now!


  1. An unexpected free calendar day? Cherish it, and don't worry about having to find something to do. A nice walk together, perhaps dinner outside, a museum visit? Something low key to help you recharge might be just what you need.

  2. Enjoy the day and be happy you didn't spend the 250 on a less than stellar line-up.

  3. Trust me ladies! I definitely do enjoy keeping that money in my pocket and a free day! We were thinking about doing some type of hike - depending on how I feel tomorrow and the weather. We just want to figure out a new place to go since I am getting bored doing the same ones over and over! =)