Monday, July 10, 2017

July Groceries

I know Mondays are usually for "Positive Monday" posts but, in an effort to start getting back on track, I have decided to post about groceries instead.  =)

Last month's grocery totals were, quite frankly, a blur.  I know I had decided to lower my budget but never "officially" decided what June's budget would be....That my friends was a recipe for disaster!  My inability to continue to post/track what I spent added to essentially a perfect storm.

So, I am determined to not have that happen this month!

I have decided to set my budget at $450 (including health, bath, & paper products) for July.  I wanted to go lower but G2's birthday is this month.  She wants to have her closest friends over for a sleepover on her actual birthday and then we are renting a cabin at Lake Compounce (most likely this month if I can get G2 to settle on a day!) before month's end which will add extra grocery costs in regards to drinks/snacks/etc.

Here's what I have spent up to this point:

CVS:  $2.05
I already posted about this but for the sake of keeping track...
5 bottle of laundry detergent
1 box Kleenex
1 bag mints

Farmer's Market:  $12*
*higher due to extra bottle deposit
2 quarts whole milk
1 pint of raspberry yogurt

CVS:  $6.69
1 Revlon hair dye (for Papa who is completely gray otherwise)
1 face mask packet (G2 to help with the issue on her face)
1 CVS brand package (10 count) of large bandaids (G1's big toe lost a fight with a bike pedal! LOL)
1 CVS brand Neosporin (G1)

CVS:  $5.49
CVS brand cortisone cream (G2's face)
1 king sized Kit Kat (trying to cheer up G2 with a treat!)

Big Y:  $65.97*
* total fail on my part!  Papa & I were out with Ramsey and G1 until way to close to dinner time without a dinner plan in place!  And, besides being hungry, I brought those two into the store with me - who decided "Pickies" were the way to go for dinner!

4 bags of Cabot shredded cheeses
1 can whipped topping
1 refrigerated pack of Jello chocolate pudding cups
1 (16 oz) container of ricotta
1 box potato skins
1 box bagel bites
1 P Farm garlic bread
1 bag tri-color cheese tortellini
1 box PF Chang's veggie egg rolls
1 box PF Chang's rice
2 Newman's salsas
1 large box of store brand tortilla chips
3 store brand Mio style water flavorings
1 deli sandwich

I cringed writing down this list!  ....BUT there is a LOT of stuff left over so at least it's not all gone, right?  haha

Big Y:  26.63
2 Cabot shredded cheeses - Wow!  We go through a LOT of cheese!
4 Friendly's ice cream sundae cups
5 Celeste frozen personal sized pizzas (sale)
1 bag store brand tortilla chips
1 6 pack of toilet paper
1 loaf of bread
1 jar of Newmans salsa (ditto on the salsa!)

Total Spent thus far:  $118.83
Money left in July budget:  $331.17

While what is left to spend isn't *bad*, I am unhappy with how I have spent grocery money so far!

Just reiterates that I need to keep track of my grocery expenditures and stay accountable!

And, with that, I'm off to at least two (possibly three) medical appointments!

Have a great Monday!


  1. I find that if I have the freezer appetizers from Aldi on hand the kids are happy....their pizza bagels are actually quite filling and tasty. I just buy the ones on sale. And lots of fruit, and hummus my kids eat that a lot

    1. It's been awhile since I have done an Aldi's run...It's only the next town over but, truthfully, I have been lazy about getting there! But, after your comment, I know I should run over there at some point this week or next to stock up on those freezer appetizers! It was completely poor planning on my part when I did that awful Big Y fail....Out too late/no dinner plan added to driving right past Big Y while hungry got me into trouble! LOL

  2. Since my kids are grown and I only have to fee TheHub and me with occasional meals for guests, we have been eating crappy dinners. Not so good on the taste buds but my wallet is liking it. Best of luck for the remainder of the month, which is flying by.

    1. Thanks Anne! I actually worry about what is going to happen now that the kids are sporadically here...Dinner have been a bit more chaotic in general. And, there have been a few nights this summer when it's just been the two of us and Papa has opted for cereal for dinner! LOL

  3. I have to say that shopping days like that happen, so please don't beat yourself up too much over it. :) Personally, I am astonished at how much food we are going through here at my house. Who knew that the kids ate so much? LOL Seems like we are always running out of something and I don't even want to know what I have spent so far this summer. Oh and our Aldi is closed for the next 2 months for remodeling, so I have noticed a definite increase in our groceries on top of the kids eating all the time. Oh well school starts back in about a month so if I can last that long, then I can get back on track. LOL

    1. So you mean it's not just me? LOL I think I get aggravated with myself because, I should PLAN for this type of thing in the summer better. Kind of like when you plan for Christmas since it comes every year kind of thing. Haha! I should "pad" my summer grocery expenses throughout the year - like I tried to pad my summer driving expenses.