Sunday, July 9, 2017

July Medical Costs...

June was the month of animal medical costs....

Apparently July is going to be the month of people medical costs!

So, far here's what is happening or happened already.....

G1:  Dermatology consult, Neurologist follow up, GYN annual exam (this is free at least)

G2:  4 therapy sessions, 1 (probable, I will have to call the office tomorrow morning) pedi sick visit tomorrow for a red itchy warm patch on her cheek, 1 (possible) dermatology consult

Me:  Yearly eye exam and contact costs and 1 (possible) Neurologist appointment

Oh, and I forgot the three teeth cleaning session for the Guppies and me -which ended up being (I think) completely free since no additional work needed to be done on any of us.

Phew!  Fingers crossed nothing else crops up because, when I include all our pharmacy/prescription costs with the above appointments, I am looking at being out of pocket anywhere between $400 to $500 this month!

Even though I am complaining about the costs, I AM super grateful to have AWESOME health insurance through Papa's job.  I don't want to even know what to think about the out of pocket costs of all the above would be if we DIDN'T have great health insurance.

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  1. We have the lowest of the barrel insurance. Hoping to hit my deductible so one 90 day supply of CROHNS meds are cheap (only 100 instead of 892)