Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Quick Check In...

Everything is good here except this summer is kicking my butt!  As you can obviously guess, I have lost all sense of a schedule!  (But I am just going to go with it until school rolls back around!)

So, please bear with my sporadic posting and commenting on blogs!

A few notable things have happened recently....

Guppy 2 has been cleared to get her braces off!  The official date is August 7th, but if they weren't so booked up, she could have gotten them removed sooner.  She is one excited girl - she was thrilled to not have to start sophomore year with them!  We were all in shock (including her orthodontist) as to how well/quickly her teeth responded to the braces.  We were all a wee bit concerned she may still have them by junior year!  LOL  Now, if only my payments could be done!  Currently I have $1225 to go - my only silver lining is that financing was done through the orthodontist's office with zero interest.

I had a notable trip to the mall at the beginning of this week.  I brought G2 & friends and decided to stay to get some steps/walking in and look for some good clearance sales.  While it doesn't look like I am going to need any new shorts this summer (and couldn't guess where I will be by next spring), I did need some new t-shirts.  I wear them pretty much year round (layered under things in the cold weather) and my current collection is getting pretty ratty.  Sadly, Old Navy (my go to for cheaper T's) have changed their cut/style this year and I am NOT a fan.  A little more searching and I ended up in the store New York & Company....
I did AWESOME there!  They had "doorbuster" prices on their T's and all clearance sweaters (from last season) were only $4.99!  These sweaters were originally $45 and up!  I could have gone really crazy at those prices but practiced restraint.  LOL
For $26.55 including tax, I got the following:
1 black v neck T (originally $16.99)
1 navy blue v neck T (originally $16.99)
1 baby blue T (originally $16.99)
1 navy blue/light grey hoodie style sweater (originally 44.99)
1 heather gray sweater (originally $49.99)
I bought everything "to size" - meaning I didn't buy my usually one size up- haha!
Though I am sure this pales in comparison to a thrift/consignment store, I am pretty happy with my purchases!

I'm sure that many readers will not agree with this but we are going on a small vacation in August to our favorite town in Vermont.  This will be our "last" family vacation just the four of us.  The Guppies are getting older and we know that in the future they will either want to bring friends/boyfriends with them.  So, yeah we are going on vacation while still in debt.  However we are keeping our expenses as low as possible...
2 of the 3 pets are being taken care of for free.  (G2's bestie will take care of her rabbit and my parents have graciously said they will take care of the ferret since she is still stable and doing well)
The dog will go to our boarder....Yes I have to pay her but I will have peace of mind.
The hotel we stay at includes a very delicious and large restaurant style breakfast every morning so we will only have to buy one meal out per day.  (We usually have what we call "linner"- combo lunch and dinner -and then have snacks available to us in the room.)
95% of what we do out there is free since we spend a LOT of time hiking/walking/being outdoors.  So that will also keep the cost of the trip WAAAY down.

Tomorrow is G1's last driver's ed class.  She has to get four "behind the wheel" sessions (two hours each) with a driving school instructor and then she will be able to take her test.  Part of me feels badly that she is 18 and getting her license now and part of me is actually happy.  While I know she wanted her license long ago, waiting until now is going to make it easier in the long run.  I went with her to the first parent/student class and WOW!  There are some crazy restrictions and fines for 16 and 17 year old new drivers.  G1, at 18, can just get her license and drive whenever and whoever she likes.

I guess those are the highlights of what has been happening currently.  I am still loving my Fitbit and walking a lot - when I am not running kiddos around that is.  =)

Hope everyone is having a great summer!  I'll be catching up on blogs soon!


  1. Enjoy your time with your family. Plan carefully, and know where you can cut back in other areas. No one will judge you-we're all here to support each other. My daughter has her licenses at 16 and yeah, only 1 other kid in the car until she is 6 month past her test. It has made a few things harder, but she can't push the rules.

    1. Thanks SAM. We are definitely planning accordingly. We talked to the girls yesterday about which "extra" activities we will be doing and we all agreed the only one that matters is the gondola ride to the top of the mountain ($80 round trip for the four of us) so we can hike a certain trail that is most easily accessible by gondola ride. (It's a brutal trail so walking UP the ENTIRE mountain to get to it and then hiking it would be killer!) I will be cashing in loose change and returning bottles to offset that cost. LOL

      Here in CT, the rules are a little different/more stringent....For the first six months after getting your license, you can only have a parent/guardian in the car with you or one person who has had their license for a minimum of four years. The next six months, you can only have members of your immediate family. After one full year, you can have other people in your car. Also, for the first year, no driving between the hours of 11pm and 5am unless the driver can prove it was for work or emergency. The penalties are pretty stiff too - first offenses result in a 30 day license suspension and assorted fines/fees. Second offenses were 90 day suspensions and fines/fees.

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  3. Ms. SandieJuly 27, 2017 at 9:04 AM
    Don't see why anyone would have a problem with you taking time off. We all need to recharge and rest for the families. I have never felt guilty for the mini vacations that we take and I'm proud of how frugally we do that. Have a wonderful time and don't have a minute of Worry. Also great job on the shopping


  4. This summer is being brutal for a lot of included. LOL Hope you guys have a good trip. We also took a family trip while we have debt. However, my husband and I both realize that these days go by so fast. We try to be as frugal as we can and it sounds like you guys are the same. Speaking of frugal, great job on the shirts!!