Sunday, August 13, 2017

August Grocery Shopping: Week 2

So, if you recall, I have made a very ambitious goal to be at or under $250 for groceries for the month of August!  That's $300 less than my usual goal!

Last week I spent $44.07 which left me with $205.93 to spend for August.

Let's see how I did this week....

Big Y:  $7.87
1 (8oz) container of Daisy sour cream
1 container of Kosher salt
2 (32 oz each) store brand distilled vinegar*
2 (32 oz each) boxes of baking soda*

*including these items with groceries but bought at least one of each to help force out the possible dishwasher clog

A quick check in both the kitchen and bath pantries showed I was down foil (needed for ribs) and a quick trip to Dollar Tree was in order.
Dollar Tree:  $6.38
2 rolls of aluminum foil
2 tubes of toothpaste
1 bottle of White Rain shampoo
1 roll paper towels

Neighborhood Farm:  $3.50
6 ears of corn on the cob

Big Y:  $9.87
1 container chocolate frosting
1 package vegetable sushi & sauce

Total for the week:  $27.62
Total spent so far in August:  $71.69
Left in August budget:  $178.31

So, I think I have been doing pretty darn well this month but, quite honestly, I have some extra motivation due to vacation.  But, that DOES prove that I CAN do much better most months than I have been doesn't it? 

I am thinking about keeping track of *some* of the things we buy during vacation (like snacks & water for hiking) but next week there won't be any big grocery trips, obviously.

My list for when we do get back from vacation IS growing since supplies here are dwindling down considerably.  Hopefully I will be refreshed and ready to tackle this and stay under budget!

Anyway, I'm not sure I will be able to do any posting next week so, in case I don't, have a great week everyone!


  1. I think that you did amazing! It is hard to cut back a little so cutting back so much is super hard to do. Especially in the summer!!! I have the hardest time and end up buying treats and special things because we are enjoying vacation and holiday from school. Great job!

    1. I have been doing that all summer long with the extra treats trust me! LOL The rest of August is going to be quite a challenge....

  2. It is hard to go into the store and just come out with what you go in for so I think you did great!

    Enjoy your week.

    1. Thanks! Now I have to keep it up! =)