Saturday, August 19, 2017

Back From An (Almost) Perfect Vacation....

Emily's of the gorgeous old covered bridges in Vermont
I will post more pictures from our hikes once I get them up on my computer!

The weather was unbelievably perfect...
The hikes were breathtaking...
The family (aka the Guppies) were getting along really well...
So what was the problem?

Well, you know the mantra "Cash is King"?
Yeah, well I guess I learned it is.

Now, I was actually using "cash" out of our checking account via our debit card....
Anyone know where I am going with this yet?

Wednesday evening we did a quick run to the local Shaws to grab some more drinks for the room and...
Since the fellow before me also had his card declined, the cashier thought something was wrong with her register.  Not thinking much of it, I paid with cash and went on my way....

Until later that night when we did a quick run to the mini mart next door to the hotel and....

My credit union doesn't have 24 hour customer service so I had to wait to call until Thursday morning at 9am.  I thought that the card may have been marked for possible fraud since purchases were made in Vermont.

Here's the gist of the conversation with the rep Thursday morning...

ME:  "Hi, I'm on vacation and my card was declined twice last evening. Can you tell me why?"
REP: (After a brief hold)  "Ma'am are you in Miami Beach?"
REP:  "Or Arizona?"
ME:  "NO!  I'm in Vermont!"

Two very large transactions were attempted Wednesday night for Miami Beach and Arizona...which is why my card (thankfully) got flagged.  I verified MY purchases so no money was lost from the account at all.


My debit card was immediately null and void.  I couldn't use it at all.  Not to withdraw cash even.  It's a great precaution but I was 250 miles from the closest branch of my credit union with another two days to go in vacation!

Luckily, Papa did have his credit card (our only active one) in his wallet.  So, the rest of the trip was done on his card (with me making an additional payment online once we got home to cover the extra expenses).

Also as luck would have it, a little voice told me the day before we left to pull out the money for our dog's boarder (who only takes cash) and I actually listened!  LOL  So the money was safely tucked away at home and I could pick her up bright and early this morning.

My new debit card and pin are on their way and will be here within....


The closest branch to my house is in my parents' town (20 to 25 minutes away).  So, when we went to pick up the ferret, I made a quick stop in there to withdraw what I should need until I get my new card.

Now I have to go through all my automatic withdrawls and suspend them/change them to our checking account number rather than the debit card number. 

But, like I said, at least no cash is missing from my account right?

This is the very first time I have had any trouble like this at all!  And I'm super disappointed it happened in our favorite place in the world!  The card never left me besides when I gave it to servers to pay for food!  The bank representative told me it happened between Tuesday's and Wednesday's dinners.  I never thought twice handing it over to pay for our meals.  You bet I will now!  Especially if/when we go back to those two restaurants!

Anyone else ever had something like this happen to them while on vacation?

Happy Saturday!


  1. Grrrrr! Yes I had something similar happen, but it was on the credit card, not the debit, thankfully. Someone purchased a fancy new iPad on my card in a town a couple hours away. The store could verify it was my account # , but not my name on the card. My bank handled the whole thing, so it was pretty painless, after the initial shock. I did have a waitress keep my debit card for a long time, and I gots little nervous. Thankfully nothing ever happened. Glad you were able to manage without it!!

  2. Jay had a Citicard be used at clubs and bars in Japan she. He was in our living room next to me. I also once had work done at a garage in Australia. Lol

  3. I had it happen with a credit card on vacation but I threw a fit and they fedexed me one the next day!

  4. That's terrible, & what an inconvenience on your vacation. (Which looks gorgeous, btw!)

  5. Totally amazing because we never have cash. We would be in serious trouble for sure. Crazy that you actually had enough to cover expenses because I would have had serious trouble paying for everything.