Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July Grocery Totals

First off, if anyone is wondering, I DO plan on bringing Weigh in Wednesday back next week!  I am NOT going to give up this time!

The final numbers for July are in...

And, well, they could be quite a bit better!

I really think that I need a slush fund for Summer 2018 to help ease what seems to happen every single year!

Anyway, moving on to the totals....

As of last check in, I had spent
of my allocated grocery funds.

And, had:
to spend.

I *should* have been able to accomplish this!

*Spoiler alert:  I didn't!*

Let's check out how bad the damage was.....

Big Y:  $80.96
1 loaf of Italian bread
1 bag shredded mozzarella
1 (18 count) package of eggs
1 small ball of mozzarella
1 lb American cheese
1 (12 pack) toilet paper
1 (12 pack) diet Snapple
3 boxes store brand mac n cheese
1 (6 pack) water
3 store brand sparkling water type drinks
1 bag spicy Doritos
1 jar pineapple salsa
1 bag Green Mountain tortilla chips
2 (32 oz) bottles of PowerAde
4 (32 oz) bottles of GatorAde
3 (2ltr) bottles of Coke products
1 package thin chicken cutlets
1 lb store brand bacon
3 pork tenderloins
"JoJos" from the hot bar (I was super hungry when I went to the store and devoured those suckers on the car ride home! LOL)
1 head of garlic
1 lb of yellow squash
1 lb of zucchini

Big Y:  $29.36
1 (24 oz) bottle of vegetable oil
1 bottle of store brand Mio style water flavoring
3 (2ltr) bottles of Coke products
4 (32 oz) bottles of PowerAde
6 bottles of store brand sparkling water drinks
1 store brand chicken (don't recall the weight but it was fairly large!)

Stop & Shop:  $15.37
1 gallon whole milk (we were out and nowhere near Farm Market day!)
1 bag French fries
1 box Oreos
1 (12oz) box of frozen breaded chicken strips

Big Y:  $28.86
2 boxes of PF Changes frozen rice
1 box ravioli
3 half gallons ice cream
1 bag of hot dog rolls
3 (6 packs) store brand English muffins
1 package of Hummel hot dogs

Total spent:  $154.55
Total spent on July groceries:  $496.23
Over budget by:  $46.23

Okay, so it wasn't as bad as I feared before totaling it all up.  But, I really *need* an under budget month for my psyche!  LOL

Plus, it kills me because the above last two trips to the store were completely unnecessary and kid driven! 

But, it is what it is!  And it's time to tackle August!

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  1. Not bad at all. We spend the same amount yet you have teens and lots of teen friends.